Brahmin Samaj of Ontario

Our History


We Foster Our Culture

Since its creation in the Toronto area the Brahmin Samaj of Ontario has served as an invaluable source for first generation Canadians of Brahmin linage to understand, maintain and experience their culture.

We Protect Our Heritage

The Brahmin Samaj of Ontario was established in 1971 for the purposes of allowing Brahmins to express their culture and heritage with other Brahmins within a community context and not in isolation.

We Practice Unity

The Brahmin Samaj of Ontario has, as a part of its mission, assisted recent Brahmin immigrants to acclimatize within the Canadian environment. Our goal is to unite as a community and work together towards a common goal.

We Create Fun

The Samaj holds picnics, cooking competitions, garbas, children’s parties, children’s talent shows, Diwali dinners, Havans, Janoi ceremonies, poojas and many other activities that are in the interests of their members. Members of all ages can partake in our activities!