About Brahmin Samaj of Ontario

The Brahmin Samaj of Ontario was established in 1971 for the purposes of allowing Brahmins to express their culture and heritage with other Brahmins within a community context and not in isolation. Since its creation in the Toronto area the Brahmin Samaj of Ontario has served as an invaluable source for first generation Canadians of Brahmin linage to understand, maintain and experience their culture.

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Our Upcoming Events

Balev Picnic

Join us on Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 10am


Sunday, August 11
Time: 10am
Location: Adams Park, Area D
2 Rozell Rd, Scarborough

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Join us for Long Weekend Boat Cruise!


Date: September 1, 2019
Time: Boarding 11:30am and Return 3:45pm
Location: 333 Lakeshore Blvd East

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Join us for our Dushera Havan


Date: Sunday, Oct 6, 2019 at 10am
Location: Durga Mandir
2701 Markham Rd,

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A Message From The President

I am very excited to come back and be a part of our Samaj once again. I am looking forward to work with you all. We have come a great way today and our Samaj is considered one of the finest in the Gujarati community of Greater Toronto Area. It is wonderful that our Samaj’s activities support our cultural values and preserve our heritage within our Brahmin community. We will work towards a platform where our Samaj can help our youth members and community at large. There are numerous opportunities within our Samaj for everyone looking to get involved, share your talents and energy with our fellow Samaj members. Each one of you can help our Samaj by promoting our events and activities to friends, family, and by paying your renewal membership. I also encourage you to provide feedback and/or suggestions anytime at lalitcan@gmail.com. By uniting, we can provide a better future, just as our BSO motto states, “Together, we serve to create a better future.”
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